Witness is shutting down on April 30, 2015. From then on, it will be no longer possible to login at witnessapp.com.

If you still want to download the images stored in your account before then, you can view them all by visiting this link, after logging in: witnessapp.com/history?include=old

The decision to stop Witness development was a hard one. We used the product ourselves on a daily basis to protect the Orbicule office! However, due to Apple's focus on security (which is a good thing), it's increasingly hard / impossible for an app to do things like running in root mode or intercepting notifications from the screensaver / sleep system. The same goes for apps that need a continuous socket connection. As a result, we were receiving more and more support requests from people who were having issues with Witness. That's hurting our business in many ways: first of all, users are not happy because Witness is not functioning as expected. But what's worse, we couldn't really fix these issues because they are either restrictions from Apple, or characteristics of the network our client is on, which we can't even reproduce here. With Yosemite, restrictions for non-App Store apps are even bigger, making it impossible to keep supporting an app like Witness.

Having a product that does not work reliably does not only consume a lot of resources, it also hurts Orbicule's reputation. We have always put our hearts into our products and we don't want to ship crapware. Our internal standards are quite high. If we can no longer meet them, we have to discontinue the product, even though we invested a lot of thought and effort into it.

I hope you understand,

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Albert Jorissen

Rocket Fuel